About Robert

Robert Lopez Puckett, fondly called as “Panchito”, is the first grandson of Fernando Lopez, former vice president of the Philippines. He became an office clerk, radio disc announcer, hotel manager, management trainee, international trader and investor before becoming a solar panel guru in the Philippines.
1968 - Management Trainee of Meralco
Mr. Puckett joined Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) as a management trainee and was assigned to various departments of the company. He was later sent as a company scholar to earn his MBA degree at the Santa Clara University in California.
1974 - Began Solar business in the US.
He made his first steps into the solar energy industry in the United States in 1976.

He has seen the promising benefits that solar panels offer, especially in the developing country, the Philippines, where he came from.
1976 - Start solar in Philippines
He began to take initiatives to bring solar panels in the Philippines as many Filipinos are having inconveniences from power outages. The late Mr. Enrique Zobel became his first client.

He installed solar and wind powered facilities for his real estate properties in Spain, California, Hawaii & the Philippines. With this, many businesses shifted to solar panels.
1978 - Puerto Azul First Project
Tapped by the Enriquez Group, his team installed solar-powered centrally heated water system in Sulo Hotel, Quezon City and the prominent Puerto Azul Resort.


As a pioneer of solar panels and renewable energy in the Philippines, Mr. Puckett gained more expertise in various industries in different countries.

He strongly believes that solar energy can make the quality of life even better.
To give more Filipino communities to enjoy all-day power, he also installed solar PV panels in remote areas. With the support of the government and nonprofit organization, he started rural electrification with the use of solar energy.
1981 to 1985 - Enrique Zobel Project
Natural Energy Systems and their solar water heater installations landed other big clients. He worked with Enrique Zobel and Ayala International to build more solar and wind projects for the Zobel Properties in Philippines, Spain, California and Hawaii.
1989 - Talk of the Town
He is the driving force to propagate the use of solar energy as a major source of power in the Philippines. He also supports environmental reforms and is active in organizations such as Greenpeace, WWF and KLIMA.
1990  - The beginning of Solarco
As he founded Solar Electric Company, he was featured locally and internationally
as pioneered the solar energy business in the Philippines and solar installation in Asia.
1991 - Grandmaster of Solar Energy
As the Grand Master of Solar Energy in the Philippines, Mr. Puckett became more prominent in propagating the use of solar energy as a major source of power in the Philippines by being an educator in the University of Ilo-ilo.
1992-1994 - Marketing Solar Power in the PH
He believes that shifting from coal to a renewable source of solar energy is cheaper, sustainable, and cleaner, giving more energy availability to Filipinos even in rural areas.

He made innovative solar panel solutions more accessible to Filipinos through Solar Electric Company.
1995- First Solar Energy Institute
Mr. Puckett values education so much that, in addition to the 300 other university scholars, he personally sponsored 40 scholars.
He established the first Solar Energy Institute (SEI) in the Philippines in Pavia, Iloilo as a collaborative effort between the University of Iloilo and Solar Electric Co., Inc. since he was a strong proponent of improving knowledge and abilities through practical training.
1996 - First full Solar powered house in Iloilo
Casa Mariquit is among the oldest homes in Iloilo, having existed for about 200 years and was well-kept with solar-powered facilities, installed by Mr.Puckett.
1997 - 2000 - University of Iloilo President
Before he retired in 2000, he served as the university's president and director for his final year. Mr. Puckett was in the forefront of modernizing the university and implementing pedagogical reforms that increased student enrollment.
2007 - First E-Jeepney
Aside from being a solar energy enthusiast, Mr. Puckett introduced the first e-jeepney in the Philippies as he had proactively encourage more Filipinos to shift to renewable energy. The green revolution encompasses transportation aiming to improve the quality of life of Filipinos.
2012  - Solaready Inc.
He became the thriving entrepreneur behind the most trusted solar panel in the Philippines, Solar Ready.

It aims to revolutionize the electricity generation in the Philippines by delivering cost-saving energy solutions in every community.
2023 - Present
At present, Mr. Puckett proactively advocate the transformation to use renewable energy in the Philippines through knowledge transfers, empowering individuals and communities.

Mr. Robert Lopez Puckett is more than just an advocate; he is a trailblazer, a mentor, and a driving force behind the Philippines' renewable energy revolution.

With his esteemed contribution as a solar expert and advodcate, he was recognized in the Boss Manual PH as one of the Top 40 Most Influential Men in the Philippines.




    Since 1976, the sun has fueled not just my passion, but a vision: a Philippines empowered by clean, accessible energy. As a renewable energy pioneer, I witnessed the dawn of the solar revolution, and now, the torch passes to you – the next generation of solar champions.

    The journey continues
    This platform empowers you, the entrepreneur, the homeowner, the passionate individual, to harness the sun's might.

    Join us. Explore. Learn. Be part of the Filipino solar movement.
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